Frequently Asked Questions in Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes

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 When are real estate taxes due?
Answer: Real Estate Taxes are due December 31st of each year. The first half is delinquent May 1st and the second half is delinquent September 1st.

Question: What happens if I don’t pay my taxes on time?
Answer: When taxes are not paid before the delinquent date, interest at 14% begins accruing. Each year’s unpaid tax must be paid before the next year’s tax can be paid.

Question: What does it mean when someone buys my unpaid taxes?
Answer: Nebraska statutes say that property becomes subject to sale if it has delinquent property taxes due upon it after the first Monday in March.

To ensure that there are a maximum number of purchasers at the public sale, a list of all property subject to sale shall be publicized in a newspaper located in the county for three consecutive weeks.

The tax sale is held in a lottery style fashion with no restrictions upon the purchaser except they be of legal age.

The purchaser is issued a tax sale certificate which shall include property description, sum paid, redemption date, and shall be signed by the County Treasurer. Each certificate shall cost $10.00 to the purchaser in addition to the delinquent tax.

Question: Can I lose my property when the taxes are purchased?
Answer: Purchase of delinquent taxes do not automatically strip the property owner of ownership. However, if the unpaid tax is not redeemed, a Treasurer’s Deed may be issued to the purchaser.

Question: How do I redeem my tax?
Answer: In order for the taxpayer (or interested party) to redeem their tax they must present a certified check to the Dawson County Treasurer payable to the purchaser for the tax, interest and costs. Taxes may be redeemed any time prior to the issue of a Treasurer’s Deed.

Question: When can a Treasurer’s Deed be issued?
Answer: A Treasurer’s Deed may not be applied for until three years have passed from the date of sale, but not more than six months after these three years have elapsed.

Question: What are personal property taxes?
Answer: Personal property taxes are assessed to businesses and for farm equipment. They are due the same time as real estate taxes.

Question: What happens if I don’t pay personal property taxes on time?
Answer: The Treasurer is required to send a notice twenty days before a Distress Warrant is issued to the Sheriff for collection. The Sheriff then has the authority to collect those taxes by confiscating any tangible property and holding a public auction to recover unpaid taxes.

Question: What are Property taxes?
Answer: There are two kinds of property taxes: Real Property Taxes are based on real estate; for example land, buildings, houses. Personal Property Taxes are based on business equipment; for example machinery, computers and vehicles.

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