Tax Exempt Requirments

A motor vehicle tax is imposed on motor vehicles registered  for operation upon the highways of the state, except:

Motor vehicles owned and used exclusively by an  organization which qualifies for tax exemption may apply for exemption to  the Douglas County Treasurer's Office.  For a newly acquired motor vehicle, an  Application for  Exemption (Form 457) must be made within thirty (30) days after the purchase date.  A Renewal Application (Form 457) shall be made annually the first day of the last month of the  current registration period.

The procedure for the Tax Exemption Application (Form 457)  is as follows:

Complete the section identifying the current title owner, name and address
Complete the section identifying the current officers or board of directors for the organization
Complete the section describing the motor vehicle
Provide a summary statement of use in the "Nature of Use" section
Sign the application
Return all four copies to:
    Dawson County Treasurer
    700 North Washington Street
    Room B
    Lexington, NE  68850

It is important to return this application promptly to ensure ample time for  processing and presentation to the Board of Equalization for approval prior to the expiration of your current registration.  Failure to apply prior to the expiration of your current registration shall constitute a waiver of the  exemption.

Please Note:  The application can be picked up at our office or you may phone (308) 324-3241 to have an application mailed   to you.  The yellow copy of the application (Form 457) will be required  at time of registration.